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The one and only Chinese take-out service that offers you a selection of traditional and authentic Chinese dishes. In order to provide you the most authentic Chinese cuisine, our secret recipes are consulted and supported by our master chefs who had more than 50 years of Chinese cuisine cooking experience.

Our concept is to provide you the exceptional Chinese food experience at restaurant standards and at more affordable prices. What’s more, all our dishes are carefully and freshly prepared and cooked each day using only the finest ingredients

If you have any specific dietary requirement or special requests, please leave your comments on the comment box when placing your order. Alternatively, you may contact us directly and speak to a member of our team.

We hope you enjoy your food ordering experience with us. Enjoy your meal!

Notes for all Prebooked Orders

All orders placed before our specified opening hours will be accepted but please take note your order will only be available after we open and the amount of time has passed that the Waiting Time clock indicates . Alternatively, you may specify your preferred delivery or collection time at the instruction box below the sub-total box.

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